Integrity Service & Solutions

Stretch Film
Stretch film is an excellent product for binding multiple objects or packages together, particularly on a pallet. Stretch film can prevent objects from toppling or shifting, enhancing safety and can also prevent dust collection. Stretch film is easy to apply both by hand and machine. It sticks to itself, so it will not unravel on its own, but will not adhere to your products, making it easy to remove when you’re done with it. Premiere Packaging sells stretch film in a wide variety of widths, roll lengths and thicknesses.

Our new Super-e stretch film is a very exciting product. Super-e is Environmentally friendly, Ergonomic and Economical. PPI has branded this product because we believe that we need to be at the forefront of technology. Super-e truly is on the front edge of stretch film technology!

Shrink Film
Shrink film is great for securely holding the contents of a package without placing a lot of pressure on sensitive items. It forms an airtight seal, making it an excellent packaging product for food items, although it has many other uses.

You might be tempted to think tape is a simple subject. The truth is that with thousands of tape products being manufactured every year, each one with different specifications, choosing the tape you need for your application can be a difficult task. Some tapes offer UV resistance, some don’t; some have greater tensile strength than others; some tapes yellow as they age while others don’t; some tapes adhere longer than others. There are hot melt tapes, acrylic tapes, tapes made of paper, tapes with filament backing and much more.

Choosing the right tape can be the difference between the items you ship arriving intact or arriving in pieces. At Premiere Packaging, we offer an extensive line of tapes to suit your needs. What’s even better is that we’re tape experts, so you don’t need to be. Just tell us what you need the tape for, and we’ll find the least expensive tape for you that will satisfy your requirements for your application. Try getting this kind of service or expertise from an online store or retail chain.

For carton sealing purposes our Premiere Seal tape comes in 2" and 3" widths. We have decided to give this tape our name because of its consistency and quality. Companies often make the mistake of buying "the cheapest tape on the market". What ends up happening is packers/operators have to apply 2-3 strips of tape to seal the box. This is where Premiere Seal can save your company time and money. This tape, although competitively priced, gives you the ability to seal the carton correctly the first time with one strip of tape.

Corrugated Boxes
Corrugated boxes are an incredibly versatile packaging, shipping and storage container. Premiere packaging sells Kraft and White RSC-type boxes in a wide variety of sizes.

Corrugated Products
Our line of corrugated products provides the inexpensive strength of corrugated fiberboard for a variety of applications. Corrugated mailers provide increased durability over conventional envelopes, folders protect sensitive documents, corrugated pads are excellent for separating layers of items when stacking and corrugated rolls can be formed into almost any shape you need.

Cushioning and Wrapping
Package handlers are not always gentle, and even when they are, sometimes a box simply isn’t enough to protect a sensitive item. For this reason, Premiere Packaging offers a wide selection of cushioning materials to protect delicate objects. Let us know what you want to package, and we’ll find a cushioning solution to protect your item. We offer bubble wrap, foam, packing peanuts, cushion paks and a variety of paper wrapping and filling products.

Bags and Poly
Poly bags serve a variety of purposes. With so many types and sizes available, Premiere Packaging has something to suit your needs. We have everything from standard flat bags to gusseted bags to anti-static bags for sensitive electronics to grocery bags and trash can liners.

Moving and Storage
Whether you need to move everything or just enough to get organized, we can help. We have bin boxes to sort your property or inventories and many, many more moving and storage products.

Chipboard Products
Shipping costs are generally calculated by weight, so you don’t want to pay extra just because your packaging materials are heavy. When you need lightweight boxes or something to add a little extra stiffness to your envelopes, chipboard is the way to go. Premiere Packaging offers chipboard RTEs, chipboard pads and more.

You don’t want your products to separate and potentially get damaged in transit. Straps are a highly effective way to hold your shipments together. Premiere Packaging offers poly strapping, which is effective for a variety of applications, and steel strapping for when you need that extra strength.

Shipping Supplies
At Premiere Packaging, we try to think of everything our customers could possibly need to ship their items. We then stock it in our inventory, so we have what you need when you need it. We know boxes and tape alone frequently won’t get the job done by themselves. We have all the accessories too, including labels, packing list envelopes, cutters and knives, staples, v-board for box edge protection and much more.

Envelopes and Mailers
Not everything needs a box. Envelopes and mailers are great light-weight solutions for a variety of shipping needs. We have plain mailers for ordinary documents and several other solutions that offer cushioning such as bubble mailers for your more sensitive items.

Janitorial and Safety Supplies
Cleanliness and safety and critical to any business operation; focusing on these qualities increases productivity by improving the work environment and reducing accidents. To keep your area of operations clean and accident-free, you need the right tools. Premiere Packaging has those tools.

Office Paper and Computer Forms
At Premiere Packaging, we like to go the extra distance for our customers. That’s why we carry anything related to packaging and shipping, so we can meet your needs on every level. To this end, we stock items like copy paper, POS and ATM rolls and much more. We also offer custom printed forms.